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Customers don’t buy?

Want to know why?

Typically a New Zealand business has a website, yet the website doesn’t to sell products or services. It simply states what the business does…

There are two variations of the same problem: The website was most likely created by “a neighbour’s son who is an IT student” …or it was created by a fancy digital agency, which had failed to address the actual offer or the service business makes profit from. Watch the video to find out the answer and make your website a digital sales person.

4 Deadly Digital Mistakes

No Offer

This is when your website demonstrates a product or service yet visitors cannot buy it. An example: An insurance agency has a list of products on their website without premiums and in order to buy a policy visitors have to go to “contact us” page and call the company’s office.

No Path

The best example is a website without a phone number or a chat box on each page. Visitors have to make a few additional clicks to find out how to get in touch with the business. Many businesses don’t even link their websites to Google maps…

No Product

Imagine a service business, a law firm for instance – even the firm offers “Wills” the company’ website doesn’t provide an option to book an appointment and doesn’t tell you the cost…

Too complicated

This is when a website visitor has to make a phone call to find out details…Even you have a super complicated business your website should provide your visitors with comprehensive information about your services or products.

Your Website Traffic

The actual difference between a website which sells and a website which does not sell is TRAFFIC.

How do you attract people?

Who would actually buy from your website?

We help you to create special audiences of people who already want to read about your product or ready to buy. In 2017 it is relatively easy to sell anything from a website as long as you have two components: an offer and traffic.

We help businesses with AdWords campaigns, PPC, keywords research. Display Network and Facebook advertising requires illustrations. We provide our customers with custom made banners specifically addressing your offer or service.

Customer’s Journey

Your website has to become a logical step between your potential client and products or services your business offers. The easiest and possibly the best option to close the gap for your business is to create a story about your product. The story should demonstrate the benefits your clients get as the result.

By offering a relatable story your business joins the conversation your visitor is already having in their mind. Illustrations and your website design must help your visitor to conclude that your business is the best place to solve their problem or even to avoid a potential problem.

Please download our client’s journey map to provide you with the idea.

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