Architect website Marketing strategy

Do people know- you are the best architect in the area or they just know the company name you are working for?

Are you known for your successes in your field of specialization?
If you not sure or you don’t know – iBrand has a solution for you. Our goal is to make your name stand out for what you do, build trust in your services, get more of your clients to mention your name, provide you with more referrals and give you the cutting edge over your competition.
Our team will equip you with 3 powerful tools to make your name generate even more professionalism in the eyes of your target market. These tools are digitalisation, local globalization, and continuous marketing strategy.


Architect website marketing
Architect to stand out – marketing strategy to attract clients

Digitalisation is about extending your presence and your experience to the internet – making you available anytime and anywhere to your clients.

Why should you do that?

We live in the age of information. Everything is a couple of buttons away on your clients keyboard. Majority of people who seek for information use the internet for it. Your prospective clients are not going to bother searching for architect in newspapers, magazines, or yellow pages. If you are not online, if your name does not appear in your clients web results – you are missing out. (Big time)
iBrand will develop a modern website for you. Website which provides visitors with your customer’ testimonials, information they need to know regarding your services, changes in laws and regulations. Your personalised tips, advice and basically anything you think prospective clients want your website to present. The choice is limited only by your imagination.
Your website is an investment -think of it as a piece of real estate working for you 24 hours 7 days a week. Think of your online presence creating so many  opportunities for you and your business.


Your skills and expertise can be communicated to more people than just to your local audience. Online presence gives you the ability to reach out to potential customers from any location who seek for your services. This is a great advantage over competition. Imagine – client from overseas seeks for New Zealand Architect, gets online and finds you – not an agency you work for, but you.


iBrand will help you achieve constant exposure to your target market. Our team will help you with content creation, advise you on online marketing techniques you can implement, and provide smooth delivery of your digital presence to your current and future customers. Your integration to all main Social Media will give you the ability to communicate with your audience instantly, from anywhere and make the communication process more efficient.

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