We believe in innovation

The internet – the most available communicator, promoter, and information provider to us today. It is almost free and can be used by everyone. Yet because it is so available – its potential is neglected, especially by businesses who are just starting out.

Anyone would agree that starting up any business is a challenging task. One of the most sophisticated problems business owner faces at the beginning is promoting it – make sure that your potential clients know that you exist, understand what you are doing, and after all – get interested in what you offer.

Internet can provide you with that needed exposure and can be one of many revenue streams for your baby business, but the first step is actually getting it online.

In order to do so you need a website. Fair enough, you start searching for a person who can build you one. What you find is 2 types of developers:

  1. Cheap self-employed developers who can (maybe) build you a website but they offer no after sale support, which can be much needed as you might not have time to maintain it or promote it yourself.
  2. Expensive, well established web development companies who can build you a website and offer all after sale support but you will be forced to pay a fortune every month to keep it online.

iBRand thought of combining the best of two worlds – affordability of  those self-employed developers and support + quality you usually get from big commercial giants.

For $50 a month you get a professionally build and designed website with all the support you might need – starting from solving any technical problems you might face and making your website easy to find with Google, ending with content creation for you and running digital marketing campaigns.

For $50 a month you get online presence, which gives your business a better image, present your clients with information they need, answer questions, get more enquiries, promote yourself, and boost your business growth.

All of that for $50 per month. This can be just the solution you were looking for.