Beyond Print Media

Why Online Advertisement is a Must for a Real Estate Sales person in New Zealand

Before digital advertising era, businesses and sales people turned to print media for their advertising. As a Real Estate Sales Person, you are surely aware of what this means. Distributing leaflets of the properties or posting pictures in local newspapers used to be an effective way to promote yourself – is yet the same? If you answered “yes” the chance that you one of those who is losing to the better equipped ones is extremely high.

Print ads, on the other hand, have been popular with small, medium and large businesses alike. Aside from being more affordable, print media is also more convenient to design and distribute. At the turn of the century and when almost everyone became connected through the Internet, print media, however, began to lose its magic to digital advertisements online. Below are the main reasons why you should consider a website as a complimentary solution and in the near future full substitute of your print advertising.

Decreasing print media and surging digital media penetration

A recent study by the ACMA shows that in 2013, there has been continued growth in smart devices among Australians. At the same time, subscribers’ downloaded data continue to surge, showing that they are using their mobile subscription for more functions on top of e-mail and social media. These include catch-up TV and VoIP services among others. Another study, released by the EMMA, shows that print readership continues to decrease as they are being replaced by web-based reading platforms. This simply means that people are spending more and more time and money online at the cost of traditional media like print. Ask yourself and what impact it makes on your business?

Cheaper for you (and the environment)

Green initiatives support the use of digital media instead of print media because no paper is used in the process. This means less trees to cut and less garbage to pile up, decreasing the destruction that Mother Earth continues to endure.

This is also a good thing for you since online advertising is cheaper than having to print your advertisements again and again. The best part is that you can update your portfolio within seconds and keep it for years- meaning longer you are in business the thicker your portfolio and we all know – it cannot be beaten. For instance, once you have closed a deal with a seller, you can just take a photo of the property and post it on your website. It’s already in the market in that instant and a potential seller can see it right away – see this as a proof of your professionalism. That’s way faster than if you would still have someone to layout the photo and print the leaflets for distribution, don’t you think?

Sell to the world

Nowadays, properties are not just bought by locals but by international investors as well and for you as the local Real Estate Sales Person it means that if you rely on your local newspaper or the leaflets in your local mall, your chances of reaching those investors are slim or frankly none. With online advertising, your properties and most importantly you as the Real Estate Sales Person can be on top of the Google search only due to the fact that not yet many of your colleagues’ yet realised that digital is the way to go. Think about single click and prospective clients can get in touch with you and you can begin your discussion even when you are time zones apart.

The property market continues to become tougher with new regulations and more innovative advertising methods. It pays to keep up or even stay ahead so let go of the traditional methods and switch to more cost-effective means – go digital!
Digitalise yourself.

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