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Business website marketing strategy by iBrand

If you are a business owner,- you know that getting sales and generating revenue has become harder for 2 main reasons: either someone is competing with you in the same target market or the momentum and presence of your competitors is difficult to overcome. The question you should ask yourself  – “how can I make my business voice louder?” The answer in short is by your business website.
iBrand Business website marketing strategy is the power of 3 great tools: Digitalisation, Local Globalisation, and Continuous Marketing Strategy.


Digitalisation is the process, through which we can help you position your business online via development of a modern, attractive and easy to use business website which will make your business visible to wider range of people, providing them with information, testimonials and explain how your business can help them. Your website is a 24 hours, 7 days a week working “machine” designed for one purpose – deliver your business promises.
Consider the following scenario. You are the owner of a local organic store, which sells excellent food products. You have a small client base from your local neighbourhood. It is your intention to increase the number of your loyal customers. You will ask yourself the following question: How to make myself and my business website to stand out? 92% of New Zealand population uses the Internet. Therefore it is very likely that your target audience is already online. By implementing a comprehensive, attractive and simple to use business website with current information and with social media links, the exposure of your local organic store will increase by 80% resulting in increased number of customers and subsequently revenue. Would you be happy with a similar outcome?
Furthermore, Digitalisation by iBrand will provide you with vital information about visitors to your website: where they are from, what they are looking for, what they click on, etc. You can use that information to meet your customer needs more precisely, prove them with specific offers, and increase the likelihood of them shopping with you instead of your competition.
We will help you to integrate your customer databases in to your website or even provide them with tools for making a purchase of your products or services online.
Think of your business online presence creating so many different opportunities.


There is no physical anchor for your business online to any location. Today people are accessing internet from literally anywhere. With iBrand services your local business can be accessed – and therefore provide your clients with services – from any corner of New Zealand or even the World. Cooperate with your suppliers – put their logo on your website, generate win-win situation for yourself and your partners. Show your support to local sport clubs of charities – make sure everyone knows that you are looking after your community.


Market your businesses and your services nonstop to your target audience. Online presence will give your business the ability to distribute advertising materials to your customers fast and at a fraction of a cost you would have with hard copies. Your integration to Social Media will give you the ability to conduct buzz within your communities – communicate your messages cheaply and easily – get people talking.

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