Content creation

iBRand Content creation: Video Marketing strategy

You know – Video blasted through the Internet- right?
Every site you visit has good or bad video on it… What are you doing about it?
What about your website – does it have enough video to make the visitor to buy from you?

Your audience is hungry for your video, the video where you are delivering the most compelling message about the products you sell or even about why they should buy you ( yes you read it right – you are the brand). Think about the number of people you can talk to with your video – without being physically present … scary … I bet it is. Here at iBRand team the cost of making a video is well within the reach for most businesses. You can leverage the power of video without breaking the bank. As a business owner you need to understand the advantages of your video marketing strategy and how it can help you to grow your business. Think about video emails… or about emails with links to your own video blog.

iBRand Video Content Creation Marketing offers something you would never get from other sources:

People recall:

  • only 10% of what they read- think about using subtitles in your video;
  • only 20% of what they hear – think about how your message can resonate with the audience;
  • only 30% of what they see –  think about creating pictures to enhance your video.

Now, most importantly 50% of what they hear and see – therefore – think about crafting your message.

70% of what they say – make them “want to share” your message with their friends- think humor, think community, charity, love…more love.

90% of what they say and so – make them to call you to discuss all of the above in your video message.

You are in business – think about Google owns Youtube – do you really need to be told something else – I mean “really”?

Think about – it is FREE to put your video online- read again FREE

iBRand content creation strategy approach helps you to upload existing content to your website and assists you with its coordination – making sure that your online tools are ready to meet the needs of your clients.

Content Creation: Video

Video is major advantage of internet presence. Get your customers engaged in a different way. iBRand content creation can help you to produce video materials to enhance your business. Video materials include tutorials, interviews, showcases, ads and much, much more.

Content Creation: Copywriting

If you have any paper copy which should be available on your website – such as brochures, documents, or any marketing materials – iBRand team will help you to get it all available to your audience one click away.

In case you want to coordinate content on your website yourself and be in full control over every bit of information, we can train you on how to utilise our user-friendly Content Management System as well as answer any questions you might have along the way.

iBRand team can assist you in copywriting for your website. We can compile, edit, or rewrite existing materials if you wish to do so. In addition, we will also provide you with complete and in depth keyword research for your website – so your clients can easily find it in any search engine.

Content Creation: Photography

For those of you who need to portray a big picture in a limited space – we help with professional photography services. Since a picture is equal to a thousand words of well written text. Advice – take as many photos as you can – the reason is photos do not go obsolete too quickly and “looked” favorably by Google.