Digitalise yourself Set Up an Instagram Account

Instagram, like most tech start-ups, started as a vision. In 2010, its creators were among the thousands of tech enthusiasts who wanted to have a shot at the current social media craze. Well, with more than 200 million users, and counting, it’s safe to say that they did hit the jackpot. What started out as a medium to share photos with family and friends has quickly turned into a business tool attracting brands from all over the world. This is why we at iBRand believe it is important to use Instagram to digitalise yourself.

From Louis Vuitton to the British Broadcasting Channel, popular names have used the microsite to reach their current and potential audience as well as cement their presence online. As a Real Estate Sales Person, you should too. A well-managed Instagram account can help you keep up or even get ahead of your peers. Not convinced how? Keep reading, and find out what IG has in store for you.

It’s free advertising (No catch)

Whether you publish your ads in newspapers or local bulletin boards or you are one of those guys or girls who keeps printing business busy and profitable by printing flyers you spend money on printing, think for a second – printing which only lives a second before it goes to the rubbish bin. I mean if you really lucky- most of the time it goes direct from the box to the bin without even giving it a chance. With Instagram as you already understood, you don’t have to pay and the data is going to be live as long as you maintain your profile.

All you have to do is sign up for an account, download the application to your devices, and voila! You’re online.

You can now post pictures of the properties you’re offering, your contact details and practically anything you want to promote. You don’t even have to pay professional artists since you can simply use the built-in filters to boost your photos. Collage-making applications that lets you put together various photos, say of your properties, or about you and are free to download. Let me tell you why I am using this photo collage.

why you should digitalise yourself

It was a Saturday, my wife was looking after the kids who were playing in
the yard right in front of the house – I walked out of the front door and there is a big man stepping into my property with a black box in his hands – he looked like “a man on the mission” to get to my letter box (can you recognise yourself?) once he saw me, he changed his direction and with “here is a present” gives me the box and walks out of
the yard leaving me puzzled and thinking about “what did just happen” inside I found the mug and the card. I think this post alone makes him a lot more popular then all those mugs he managed to put in the letter boxes that day.

It’s your portable, digital portfolio it is you digitalised

You can give your old photo album and aching back a break. With Instagram, all you have to bring to your client calls is your smartphone or tablet and you can easily flaunt your impressive portfolio to your clients- just think about – how “cool” would that be to receive a phone call from a prospect client who admires your personal digitalisation. The best part is that you can leave them a “copy” to go over when they are in the process of deciding should they use you or someone else.

Just think about potential impact that would make on your prospective clients. Not only does this showcase your track record, your clients can also easily share the photos to their friends. That’s extra publicity at no added cost or effort from your end. Plus think about all those people overseas who have New Zealand properties for sales – would they decide whom to employ by checking the Internet or by looking at your flyer?

It’s your very own advertising platform

Aside from your portfolio of happy clients, you can also post pictures of the houses and properties that you are offering now. Aside from being free, you can also post and promote the houses anytime and often as you want. You can also link your account to your website, Facebook, and Twitter account so for a single update, all your social media accounts promote your post.( Read carefully – promote you in 21st century).

It gives you worldwide exposure

The properties you’re featuring now may all be in New Zealand but that does not mean that your market is within your vicinity only. Nowadays, people purchase properties not only for living in them but also for investments. Being in Instagram lets you reach other prospective clients since you are not just limited within your locality. Through the use of hashtags and Instagram’s Explore feature, your potential audience grows significantly from a thousand to millions.

Bear in mind though that setting up an Instagram is just the first step. Effective management is also vital to get maximum benefit from one of the world’s latest craze. That means no selfies for you, unfortunately. Well almost no selfies….

image by Maria Elena