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Time has changed – have you?

Do you have a website insurance lead generation for your financial adviser business? Would you want to have one?

iBrand can accelerate your business and bring it to the next level, ahead of your competition. Our mission is to increase your market exposure, build trust in you, your name and your expertise, encourage return business and increase the likelihood for referrals by providing you with a cutting edge approach. We know insurance industry and we have the solution.

All required from you is a fraction of your time to read and consider information about how iBrand can help you grow your Adviser Business.

Your expertise and detailed industry specific product knowledge can only be acknowledged by your clients when you have an opportunity to talk to them. Think about your website,- can you call it an “inbound website insurance lead generation machine”? The solution iBrand provides is a website lead generation platform that offers trusted information about your expertise and services. iBrand makes sure that your prospective clients easily find your website – your virtual presence. Your website is going to provide modern, relevant trusted information about you and your services.

Why would you let iBrand to build website insurance lead generation for you

website insurance lead generation
website insurance lead generation created by ibrand

1 – iBrand is going to research your current digital footprint.  Benchmark your level of online reputation in detail as a foundation to plan and implement the most suitable addition to your existing online presence. iBrand ‘copywrites’, aligns and structures online content for you –  there is no need for you to invest your valuable time – we do the work and you have time to focus on your business.

2 – iBrand helps you to ‘Digitalise Yourself’ and to create a solid online reputation that allows thousands of people to have your details at their fingertips – a prospective client can reach out to you in the middle of the night and you can provide a personalised solution even before your competitor’s assistant gets to the office. You know the issue to be discussed and you will have name, phone number and email address to get back to the prospect. It is then up to you to convert this lead to a client.

3 – iBrand offers ‘Local Globalisation’ – an increase of your exposure in the local community. Detailed, relevant and easy to understand information is going to be available on the Internet – 24/7, every day of the year. iBrand can integrate features where you share premium content – for instance free download of a book that you have distribution rights for or that you have written (iBrand can also help you to write one) – in exchange for contact details. When you contact leads generated from your website, they have heard your name, they know about the services you offer and you can refer to their visit to your website as a starting point of a conversation. The “ice is broken”, it is then up to your sales pitch and expertise to clear the way and close the sale.

How website insurance lead generation look like

this is a good example of how a website insurance lead generation looks like. The website provides all of the above – “PDF document” for an exchange of the prospective’ client email. On-line questionnaire the client should complete in order to get the quote. The questionnaire has all the questions a PDF application form has. Think about modern generation – young people do everything by typing – and the website accommodates it. Once the client submits a completed questionnaire – the underwriter gets all the information she or he needs in order to close the business and write a policy. For “old school” folks the website allows to download an application form, the policy document and a flyer. Think – simple, clean, call to action.

4 – iBrand is going to provide you with an online presence that actively contributes to your reputation. It is a recommended solution to nurture and grow trust in the quality of Financial Advice you offer to your clients. Your website insurance lead generation is going to demonstrate your social responsibility. Your community involvement instead of your personal passion for golf. Once your new website insurance lead generation is in place -you would be able to write more business and have all the rewards your business can offer.

Are you a sponsor of the local Rugby club? Are you an organiser of a Fundraiser for a good cause? Let visitors of your website know that you actively contribute to the wellbeing of your community. The website allows you to establish a referral scheme based on community – you can recommend a trusted panel beater for instance and in return that business owner will send you leads in appreciation for the new business you provided.

5 – Your website is going to make you digitally independent – the website and the content iBrand creates for you is independent from your practice. The website is designed to build trust and reputation in you – you advertise your expertise and services with your name; you become the brand people refer to, even if you were to move a different Brokerage.

iBrand offers a marketing channel with lasting positive influence on your business success.
iBrand is committed to advance your online presence while creating business opportunities and savings on traditional marketing activities.

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