How To Brand Yourself On A Shoestring Budget

If somebody will tell you that branding need to be expensive, he or she is either fooling you or just do not know these ideas on branding strategies that will not hurt your business’ financial resources.  While indeed there are branding activities that do not need huge amount of money to initiate, many people and business as well are not aware with some of these strategies.  All it needs are right perspectives to begin with.

You can even outsmart big guys with a simple strategy – look what you big competitor does copy and do it better. Works all the time, you as a small business have a lot less headaches to compare with a big company.

You can ask me – how do I know that (?)- the answer is simple- I have done it. I have done it with a few businesses and the best example of effortless and almost free marketing is my wife’s business which makes window blinds. Please feel free to check the website to learn how by simply being helpful can help your business. In the case of her business website the uniqueness comes from ability to provide visitors with an instant calculator, which is used by her customers to get the estimation quote for their window blinds.

Cheap Branding Strategies

These strategies ranges from cost free to spending just a few bucks and will give your business or yourself strategic mileage in the same way with spending thousands and millions of dollars in terms of branding. Let’s agree a small New Zealand dental business simply does not have enough money or does not make big profit in order to afford high budget for marketing.

  • One of the most important (often ignored) and a free branding strategy is all about knowing your customer.  This is where you should begin, knowing exactly your target audience. In order for you to have better understanding of your business please use our Business Model Generator. When you do know your customers and target audience you will be able to optimize your efforts, time, money, and branding activities; in other words your branding strategies will not run like a headless chicken.
  • Social media is one of the most abused platform for branding strategies as setting up Facebook page, creating Twitter account, and posting on Instagram are free thus it is prone to errors.  Here are some suggestions for effective branding through social media networks:
    • Listen to their feedback, respect their thoughts and ideas as it takes courage for them to express words in social media network.
    • Social media network is the new customer service platform; simply more reasons that you have to take time to monitor your pages.
    • In the same manner that social networks like Facebook are your new public relations tool to communicate directly to customers, use it very often, update it consistently.
    • Do not only develop customers through these networks but also relationships; engage people very often.
  • Use promotional items that will make customers feel that they are important.  For example, you can run a contest in your Facebook page by asking them some questions related to your products and company and give promotional items to lucky winners.
  • Do not leave your business cards blank at the back.  Give messages that will encourage them to visit your online page or visit your store or just simply contact your hotlines.
  • Be watchful of opportunities is another most often ignored cost-free branding strategies.  Make online visitors engage and you should lead them to where they should be like the shopping cart or the product list or give them an experience which they can only find in your stores or in your business.
  • Do not forget that word of mouth in New Zealand is still one of the best and cheapest branding strategies that you can exploit.  As the world keeps getting smaller everyday due to social media, people are more busy than ever sharing, posting, and commenting on stories that they find interesting and abhorring for them.  Thus, all the more reason for business to be very careful nowadays when it comes to word of mouth; news travels faster today than ever before.
  • Develop your own unique company image and this should be manifested in company uniforms, employee’s attitudes, customer service, quality of products, store interior design, merchandising activities, advocacy, networking, photos of the company, product collaterals, customer and employee interaction and communications.
  • Use email marketing not only to announce new products, latest news and development about yourself or your business but also ask your customers to share and forward your email address to their families, friends, and colleagues.

These are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to promoting yourself or your business on a shoestring budget; there are plenty of things that you can still do to market yourself and your business without spending so much money.