How to write to sell?

The point of this topic is to make you think.

Most of the websites you visit or newspaper articles you read have a goal or at least should have a goal. If your website text does not have it – the first question you should ask yourself is” whom did I talk to?”.

Oh OK I’m sorry Jyou can think that in a few articles (later J). It is different to normal English text (trust me I know J). The article you write should sound like if you were talking to a someone.

Keep in mind the text you are writing is addressed to sell your idea. This is it(!) to SELL(!) – if you know what you are talking about (you know the subject of the discussion) :- yes – you know it well – so write about it.


Believe me – it is. I am not an English speaker and tend to say things the way lot’s of people would want me to repeat J I think they just simply having fun – I mean they would want to make fun – of me J

I hope by now I got you warmed up. Now you are asking yourself

How to write to sell

Simple. It starts with:

  • Subject- the actual idea.

Title – this is what people are gravitated for for instance “how to write to sell”.

  • For instance the title of this article is “how to write to sell” Look at what I have done so far:

I have introduced the idea- of “how to write to sell”.

I made it to look simple- I mean I made the point that English is my second language.

I have come up with the title people can look for – when they SEARCH.

You ARE reading it. I mean period ( full stop). Dot.

You are reading it and this is what I was trying to achieve – it is easy and extremely easy “how to write to sell”.

Next important point: For Google to rank this article, the article itself should be no less than 300 words. As I am typing this it is 361 – check it J

What that means, that even I am talking to you right now there is always THE second reader. In my blog I call it reader plus 1. The reason I say that is called “Google”. Google can read what you write, it summarises what the article is about and even what relevance it has to your website. This is why you should always write for Google as well.

This is very important message – keep it in mind.

The only excuse for why you not to write is “time”  I get it… I surely do. It took me literally a half of an hour to come up with what you are reading about and most importantly: It is me –Vlad Ivanov, insurance adviser from Auckland, New Zealand who writes it for you…. And dispute the fact that I have my MBA and Diploma in in Business – English is my second language … want some additional proof(?) – just call me J– my phone number is +64   this is my office number.

Now, let me to reintroduce the point “How to write to sell” I hope that by now you would agree with me that there is no magic – there is none really. There is only pure work – I mean I am typing what you are reading … it is by now 577 words which are going to be rated by Google a good article about “How to write to sell”

The article has repeated the keywords “How to write to sell” a few times therefore Google knows precisely what this article is about.

Next point, let’s say you are a dentist… ask yourself what people would want to read about. Exactly – if I live in Auckland, Remuera, New Zealand and I am thinking about getting a few dental implants – there are only two options:

  • Look for a well know dental surgeon through the internet (getting more and more common)
  • Listen to my friends and basically follow their recommendations, bluntly –without any input from me. I know some of you are going to tell me that this is the best way of advertising and that people always trust their friends…

I know – the point here is to make you to think about that if you are right and people only follow other people advice why is that all “big friends” advertise? Just think about how much money companies (big companies) spent on advertising. (Coca-Cola) I hope you agree with me by now that it is not only “word of mouth”. It is about your marketing message, your marketing strategy and your target audience. Just think about what I have said above” I live in Remuera, Auckland and I am looking for a dentist”.

From a future patient point of view: I want to read about you… not about who your golf or drinking or even sailing buddies are … I want to read about “what you know about your trade”. I want to know that you are “a well respected dental surgeon” who knows how to install implants, you know a few different implant systems and you have a few videos of your dental practice on “ Youtube” so that when I come for my first appointment I am going to “feel” at home.

Then, only then I start to compare YOU with a someone else. Once I can build MY trust in you which is literally build on my knowledge about your professionalism and me knowing about what you know…only then I am going to make my first move – to call your practice.

The goal of this article is to show how to write to sell – so my question is – have I managed to sell YOU the idea about how the text should look like?

Think about what you had to learn at Uni? I mean have you been toughed how to sell? The answer is no. No one is toughed “how to sell while studying to become a dentist”. Interesting – right? I mean in order for you to BE successful dentist you have to know how to sell but this is what you learn on your own… While practicing being a dentist.

If you are at the point where you recognise the “need” and yet resist to write the “how to choose the best dentist in Auckland” I would recommend to use iBrand services and we would make it happen and write your texts for you or you can think about attending marketing 101 and then progress to write your texts.

Alternatively if you are looking for an additional inspiration think about making a phone call and talk to me about what is that is yet holding you up? (1193 words in 41 minutes) December 2014