Lawyer website strategy

Are you the preferred solicitor of prospective clients in your area of expertise?
Can prospective clients find you easily online when they search for a trusted and knowledgeable lawyer?

If you have to say ‘No’, or you are unsure about the answer to at least one of those questions, then iBrand has a solution for you. Our mission is to increase your market exposure, build trust in you and your services, encourage return business and increase the likelihood for referral by providing you with the cutting edge technology solution over your competition.
How do you build a Lawyer website strategy?  All required from you is a fraction of your time to read and consider information about how iBrand can help you to grow your business and contribute to a vibrant business community.

Online marketing strategy for solicitors
Online marketing strategy for solicitors

Waves of information are at every person’s fingertips and it is difficult to identify relevant and trustworthy information. The solution iBrand offers is a Virtual Source of trusted information about the services you offer. iBrand will make sure that your prospective clients will find you in their search results and will choose your services over your competition.

Lawyer website strategy is to ‘Digitalise Yourself’ – to create a virtual presence, an online opportunity to market your work, knowledge and expertise.

1 – Online information, once created, will always be accessible without time and regional restrictions – a prospective client can submit a request to be contacted/ to get information at two in the morning and you can provide the solution before your competition even picks up the phone. You will have name, phone number and email address to get back to the prospect and it is then up to you to make this lead your client. iBrand prefers to talk about ‘local globalisation’ as you share selected content with the global community and you have the opportunity to become an ‘influencer’, a leader in knowledge generation and distribution in your field of expertise. Generation of trust is a complementary side effect of sharing your knowledge online.

2  Lawyer website strategy is Your personalised online presence which increases your local exposure. You decide what content you want to share with your audience. For instance, you could offer free download of an industry-relevant book that you have written or that you have distribution rights for in exchange for contact details. Such leads are business opportunities. iBrand can help to design and produce quality content for you.
Your “Lawyer website strategy” actively contributes to your reputation and is a recommended tool to nurture and grow trust in the services you provide to your clients. Trust is going to be gained by demonstrating your knowledge and expertise together with your social responsibility and your community involvement. Your well established lawyer website strategy will allow you to create a referral scheme.

Lawyer website strategy helps you to create community where you can also offer testimonials – short video or written statement – by existing clients. iBrand recommends to nominate a number of clients that iBrand team is going to contact on your behalf to produce testimonials for your website.  Video testimonials is the modern marketing strategy to insure your clients hear from other’ people opinions about your services.  Edited content will be presented to you and clients for approval before it will be available on your website.

3 – Lawyer website strategy is going to make you digitally independent  – the website and the content iBrand creates for you is independent from your partners. The website builds trust and reputation in you – you advertise services with your name as you are the provider and you become the brand people refer to, even if you share an office with other solicitors.

iBrand is going to build s a marketing channel with lasting positive influence on your business success. iBrand will create and provide content for your online presence while providing business opportunities and savings on traditional marketing activities to you.

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