Why You Need More than Just Word of Mouth

Architecture is a unique discipline. On one hand, it is an art that is not practiced by many. It requires creativity and a bunch of innovation that is not common to all. On the other hand, it is a science that involves a lot of physics and geometry to ensure that the structures are sturdy and safe. This is also why being an architect can be tricky when it comes to marketing Architectural services and let’s get something else from the start – you make money when you create.

In the past, architects advertised through word of mouth – referrals by colleagues, family or friends plus add some new ventures like BNI (Business Network International), Meet-Up, Coffee Group. Think for a second – do you really want to spend your valuable time to attend all of those meetings to get a couple of leads?  Unfortunately, it can take a while before you get to the top of your game if you just rely on the grapevine. This is why you should consider digitalising yourself and services through the Internet.

Still not convinced? Well, here are more reasons why you need more than just word of mouth.

People are almost always online.

Thanks to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, people are spending more time online. In fact, even if they’re not checking for updates, there’s a big chance that their mobile data is on in case a new e-mail or notification comes. Countless studies also suggest that people are now spending more time on the Internet than other leisure activities like watching TV or reading books. These are why it’s important for you (and your services) to be visible online. Since online is where most people are today, that’s where you have to be to get noticed. There’s also a big chance that people who are looking for an architect will turn to  Google before anyone else. Now think about your website, your reputation and your study cases…

It’s the most cost-effective advertising.

As an architect, you surely have a portfolio that exhibits your past works. In the conventional methods of advertising, you’ll have these photos or brochures reproduced for your potential clients to see. You may even have them printed in newspapers or magazines. When you digitalise yourself, you go beyond these conventional ways through the use of social media like Facebook and Instagram. Signing up for these sites entails minimal cost yet your reach is endless.  You can also set up a website that potential clients can visit or land-on should they search for your services. With your digital portfolio, you can reach a wider audience at a fraction of the cost. You don’t even have to carry that heavy portfolio of yours – you just take your ipad for the next meeting right?

Stay updated easily.

The most important thing about digitalizing yourself is that you can update your current and potential clients instantly. In the modern world, being updated is almost a necessity. When you distribute brochures published last year, your audience may already think that your designs are outdated. However, if you regularly update your site or page, your audience will see that you active in your business, as the result you become authority.  Best part is that cost is minimal to update or make changes to your page.

As a modern architect, it shouldn’t only be your designs that should level up; your advertising efforts should too. Since the new homeowners today are tech-savvy, you and your portfolio should be at their fingertips.

Now it is your “call” -are you ready to contact iBRand team and discuss what would you want to see in your website… we are waiting ah yet we are possibly busy with one of your competitors..

Feature image courtesy of Adam Conlon