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Real Estate Sales person website to attract listings

Selling Real Estate is a highly competitive business that requires an innovative approach in order to gain a cutting edge over your competition. iBrand offers you an opportunity to increase your local exposure by providing a Real Estate Sales person website to attract listings with personalized content designed specifically with your target audience in mind –  home owners interested in selling their house for the highest market rate possible in your “Farm”. iBrand proposes a marketing solution for Real Estate Sales professionals which is designed to extend your knowledge and skills in the area of your expertise.

Real Estate Sales person website to attract listings by iBrand, we focus on 3 main points:

  • we  “Digitalise You” so that you have a “copy” of yourself online – working for you 24/7;
  • we  help you to employ what we call “Local Globalisation”- that when a someone in Hong Kong would reach out to employ you to sell their New Zealand house –only due to the reason that they know about you from the Internet ;
  • we develop “Continuous Marketing Strategy” for you with provision of all necessary support and content creation so that your website is going to be current all the time.


In our agency we call the process of digitalisation “Digital You” – a Real Estate Sales person website to attract listings. It is an online extension of yourself which starts with the strategy supported by development of the modern website designed specifically for you. By creating your website we believe you recreate yourself. As the result  your clients getting a 24 hours 7 days a week access to the most relevant and useful information which would simply make you look different from the completion – and let’s be honest there is always  someone else farming the same street. Once the website is built we help you to create content where you tell the prospects about:

–          how to sell their house
–          what the cost involved is and most importantly
–          why is that “YOU” the best person to sell their house.

Real Estate Sales person website to attract listings
Real Estate Sales person website attracts listings

You are building their trust first, as you would do during face-to-face meeting, but without being physically involved. The only job left to do would be to sell their house – and frankly – you can sell – right?

Digital You” provides your prospects with testimonials from your past successes and Real Estate Sales person website attracts listings. Imagine – the public knowledge about you is available on demand – when your clients need it – not when you actually can. It also provides downloadable content to your visitors such as brochures, forms, advertisement materials, videos and the book we can help you to write. Google analytics will provide you with information about how many visitors, where they come from and what they are looking for at your website – this vital piece of information is not yet available to you at all- right? Most importantly, it is not available to your competition either. You can even think of adding an additional language to your website.That way you know you can have the best of 2 worlds.

We will help you to integrate the prospects emails and names for lead generations. Think of you (“Digital You”) creating so many additional opportunities.


Real Estate Sales person website to attracts listings by “Local Globalisation” which makes your expertise and services available to the global community. Online presence is the key to connect with international prospects intending to sell their property in New Zealand. Ask yourself, would it be better to become a trusted and reputable selling person online for all of those Kiwis who live overseas.

Get closer to people you work with. Think of your local plumber in your area – put his company logo on your website and generate win-win situation for him, community, and you. Position yourself as a person who is engaged in a local community. We all know that more services you provide to your prospects – greater the likelihood that those prospects are going to come back for your services again.


iBrand helps to create strategy which is going to be based on content creation so that your web presence is going to be permanent. Our services are designed to deliver “You” to your prospects – not your phone number. You are about to get a non-stop marketing campaign online – get your leads closer, generate new ones, communicate with your community – tell everyone that you are THE person for the job.

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