Idelson Sergey

Sergey is a seasoned developer with whopping 8 years of IT engineering experience.
He was interested in information technologies even at school as a child, so the choice of his degree was evident. As a result he got his degree from  the Siberian Technological State University in 2008 (Russia).

During his studies he was co-author of a patented software. This seems to be the trend which followed him to New Zealand. The country where Serg loves to write code and create solutions for business owners.

He was a winner of Russian competition for design of information systems as a member of his university team.

Three years after graduation, he became the leader of the Department of technological support in the largest distributor of the information system “ConsultantPlus” in Krasnoyarsk. Sergey’ next job was in the largest gold mining company in Russia in the Department of information technologies as a IT engineer.

While working for iBrand Sergey has  created a solution for New Zealand business owners which helps them to realise how to improve their digital personalisation. The business model canvas is  designed to create a simple solution for “check & balances” a New Zealand business owner can apply. The tool is especially helpful for lawyers, insurance agents due to the difficulties of marketing for business owners who provide advice or “intangibles”. Sergey Idelson created website for Vlad Ivanov’s main business which provides insurance advice.

iBrand is Serge Idelson training ground where he is encouraged by his boss/friend Vlad Ivanov to create useful things for New Zealand business owners. All the information and tools which you can use have been tested and there to help you. For instance try iBrand solution and check how your existing website is performing against your competitors.

In his spare time (which he does not really have :-))

Sergey Idelson

loves to bake pancakes for his beautiful wife just to make up for the time when he writes code.