Vlad Ivanov

Over the years, Vlad has been involved in a number of entrepreneurial initiatives both in New Zealand and overseas.

Vlad has a passion for sales and his entrepreneurial spirit together with his business acumen always keeps him searching for more interesting business opportunities. He is a “silent” 🙂 partner in his wife’s business. The business manufactures custom made blinds.

Vlad Ivanov has been working in the Financial Services Industry for five years and since 2010 as an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA). He enjoys helping people and providing comprehensive insurance advise in order for them to make a profound decision.

Initially Vlad wanted to have a website that meets his personal needs as an AFA and that is designed to help the visitor to find all the answers about business insurance in New Zealand. The problem Vlad discovered was that it was literally impossible to find a web agency with expertise in insurance market. Agency’s owners were interested in providing “one fit all” solution. There is no agency in New Zealand which helps to develop digital solution for professionals with advice business model.  iBrand was born due to the fact that none of the companies he approached over an extended period of time was able to help.

Vlad carefully recruited a team of highly skilled professionals and founded iBrand  to provide personalised solutions and comprehensive service in the following key areas: Website Design and Creation, Content Creation and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for professionals with advice being a commodity. In Vlad’s mind many professionals would be able to improve their business by applying smart digital personalisation solutions. Vlad consults lawyers, insurance professionals and business owners on how to improve online conversions.

iBrand’s mission is to assist Professionals and Businesses to Digitalise Themselves in order to drive more business and improve conversions.

It starts with “buyer persona“. This is when you as the business owner formulate your target market. It follows by developing scope of service for the website. Once all the questions have been answered you are going to get a business canvas of your business. The canvas is going to show you where you are doing very well and where your business model needs to be improved. You can try it for your existing business, website or if you are an MBA student you can try it for fun 🙂

If your existing website provides information about the products and services you offer without “comprehensive path to buy” it means you have exactly the same website as millions of other business owners. In iBrand’ view your website should provide you with business leads. Leads being the people who want to buy from you- YOU only.

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Vlad Ivanov

with any questions you might have regarding your digital strategy. You might even want to ask him why he thinks that there is always +1 reader on your website.