We are not just another web development company

What kind of image do you have in mind when you hear words “Web Development Company”?

Most likely you think of a place where some geeky computer specialists doing something no one can understand and then trying to sell you some pretty picture which you were told is a “must have” for your business.

Well, 10 years ago that would probably be true. But not anymore.Internet is no longer a place – it’s THE place to be in. It is no longer a collection of pretty pictures – it is a fully operational and self-sustainable system which can market any business.

The problem is, internet was around for some time and allot of small businesses and start-ups just neglect its potential and don’t notice how it evolved and what it can offer today.

iBRand represents a new way of looking at online presence. What we emphasize is the idea that your website is just a gateway to a whole lot of potential you can generate. We don’t build websites, we create a custom key for your business and helping you unlock the marketing of tomorrow.

The secret lies in the understanding of how internet works today. It is a very complicated and interconnected network of information chunks which we help you to make sense of and show you how it can be used for your business purposes.

We will make your website visible.

What does it mean to you? You are most likely not the only business present online which offers similar goods or provides similar services. If a person is searching for something that you can provide – what are the chances that person will find your business? Visibility of your website has to be enhanced and then tuned up in order to avoid wastage of time and money.

We will make your website look modern.

Abilities of electronic devices grow from year to year. And those abilities have to be utilized, otherwise you can be easily outrun by competition. Look at your current website design and then compare it to your competitor in the industry. If you think that their website delivers more interactivity, then it is time to update your own website or even make a new one.

We will work on your website continuously and keep it alive.

If you are just trying to start your business, most likely you will not have enough time to keep an eye on your website all the time in order for it to be always up to date. Same story applies if your business is just not big enough to afford employing a special person to look after your web presence. Well, iBRand will do all of that for you. We do not just provide a website to you – we provide a big array of complementary services as well, for example content creation. We will “baby sit” your website right after launch, then we will “educate” it so it can be found easier by search engines, and then “direct” its further growth – by that time your website will be pretty much self-sustainable and deliver what you want it to deliver.

We will market your website and turn it in to a revenue generating mechanism.

Right now you might be thinking – “How can my website be marketed?” or “How can my website make me money?” Think of it this way – your website is just like any real estate property your business will have or already has. How do you make sure that your customers can easily find the location of that property? You will place a banner on the road, decorate your car, or maybe get yourself a radio ad during your favorite morning show. All of that will tell people where you are and what you do.

Same logic applies to any websites. Apart from making it easy to find when people are searching for you, you also need to make sure that your site can be found when people are not searching for you per se. iBRand will develop and deliver that “banner of the side of the road” or “decorate your car” or “get you that radio ad” – only in the world of internet thought Pay Per Click, Pop-ups, Mobile Ads, Social Media Advertising and so on.

If all done correctly, your website will be able to answer any questions, provide any information and be in touch with your clients. Your website will be able to take care of many tasks you do manually today and provide you with more time for your family and friends.