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In Auckland you can reach your marketing goals by reaching out the “old” way – advertise on local radio or a local paper- both of these options are going to cost you “an arm and a leg”. If you have tried it already in the past-than you are on the right page – the reason? I have done it too and I know that it does not work. Well almost does not…

Most importantly the people who are teaching you to advertise on the local paper, on the radio– most likely working for the paper, for the radio station or even for the marketing department in the nearest university (those who cannot do themselves prefer to teach..) Meaning there is no meat for them in your business – they only want you to pay and it looks like their advertising works J since you are listening to them and buy their services.

The problem with traditional advertising is based on “shelf life” once the message on the radio is changed to a piece of music or the next ad – the attention of the customer “gone” or moved to something a lot more powerful – for instance an accident on the road, discussion or you name it.

The sales rep from the radio station would argue that it is all about repetition and frequency. The local paper sales rep would say it all about “marketing”, “positioning” and the bottom line is you would have to invest into custom design. I agree it is the number of times your message is repeated and surely a right piece of design has it influence and helps the prospective customer to remember and recognise your brand or your service.  However what if your services are not about brand? For instance what if you are an insurance person? Or you are dentist or a solicitor? The local marketing “guru” would say that you have to create the “brand” recognition – again I totally agree but my question is who is going to pay for it? You? That is right – you are going to spend your money delivering non targeted message to someone who does not even need your service.

Website marketing Auckland vs Conventional advertising 

I remember running newspaper ads for my window roller blinds business in the suburbs- the result – none for me and a huge cheque to the local paper sales rep. I was attracting a lot of “free quote” requests, completing quotes, running after the wrong buyers group who simply could not afford my products. At the time I was thinking “something wrong with my price”- and had to lower my prices, the completion did the same and I subsequently have found myself in the situation where I was working for free. I mean I was working for free, the local paper was very happy with me and my payments.

I have learned my lesson hard and expensive way and happy to share with you what I think about it now.

Website marketing Auckland NZ is about:

  • Positioning – the right place or suburb, for iBrand service it does not make any difference where you are.
  • Buyer’ persona – for instance this article is targeting a dentist in Auckland, someone who wants to know how to turn his website into leads generating machine.
  • Right price – the dentist I use is not shy to charge me top dollar only due to the fact that I am happy with his knowledge and services. Same philosophy applies in the services iBrand provides. Look at this tool specifically created for you by our code “Guru” Serge, this tool is going to help you to create a business model for your business, just spent 5 minutes to have a comprehensive understanding about your business.

Due to modern technology you can create your own online real estate. Your website – you own it. You can publish anything you want and:

  • Educate the customer. Teach why your product is the best for your customer. Why the client is going to be better off, solve their problems the way the clients want to.
  • Time – right when the client wants to consume the information about it. Which means that you are going to talk with your prospective clients right when they want – even during the time you are working or sleeping.
  • Right Clientele. Everyone understands that there is no way you can create a Rolls Royce for the price of Lada. Target your ideal customer.

There are 3 reasons turn your website into leads generator machine:

SEO and Website marketing Auckland Dental surgery

  • The content I am publishing on my website is going to be always “green” – meaning that my clients would always find it useful and helpful.
  • Google & Bing are going to reward my business for the useful content I create for my website by placing it on the first search ranking position due to the point 1.
  • By achieving 1 & 2 points with my website my clients are going to see it as the best resource for the industry, product or service.


Here’s what iBrand can do for you:

 Website marketing Auckland SEO packages

  1. iBrand make your ideas better and brighter, reach and easy to digest.
  2. iBrand can see connections you don’t see and point them out to you. That’s usually worth the price of a consultation alone.
  3. iBrand helps you to create your messages in a strategic content marketing plan that includes articles and video.
  4. The messages we create are going to be strategically stuffed in the content we create for you. Right on-point the marketing messages that are going to differentiate you from your competitors.
  5. iBrand can teach you and your staff how to execute the plan by using Facebook, emails LinkedIn.
  6. iBrand refers you to great people who can execute the plan if you don’t want to do it.
  7. iBrand is a hands down Auckland based high-level content and branding strategist agency. It helps your team to learn how to pitch to the local reporters and create publicity materials to target your customer group.
  8. iBrand creates content that will get you noticed by Google and Bing so that people will trust you and want to use your services.

iBrand specialises in SEO and the team knows how to use the knowledge. We are constantly monitoring what is going on out there and keep our knowledge current. Our team smiles when we receive “mass emails” about SEO packages provided by guys from Philippines or India. We see those guys as people who help us a lot only due to the fact that without bad experience majority of people do not have ability to understand and compare what good and local service can do for them.

To sum up, if you are new to business and looking for some golden nuggets please browse through our website and we hope you would find lots of clues we left for you. However we are not good fit for your business. In our view you are better off with a friend of yours who knows how to “create” a cheap website.

If on the other hand you know that you want to have a good website and want to make sure that the website is going to produce leads for your business then we want to talk.