Why You Should ‘Digitalise Yourself’

If you live the 1800s and you were a doctor, chances are that you have a nameplate posted visibly outside your home. It’s not really for bragging rights but more of a form of identification. See, in the old days, people had to use nameplates so potential clients know where and who to look for in case they need a certain service. Over time, this has developed into print media and then audio-visual such as television commercials. While the latter two are still used today (if you can afford it), we have to admit that they’re beginning to tone down. This, of course, is due to the digital age. Today, it is quickly becoming as necessity to digitalise yourself. Simply put, it’s establishing one’s presence online through social media like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to name a few. Creating and maintaining an effective website is a must. As a Real Estate Sales Person, you may think that it’s unnecessary, but think again. With your peers becoming more innovative and creative in their strategies, it pays to keep up or even be ahead. Here’s how digitalizing yourself can up your efforts and reputation.

Almost everyone is online

Think of a person who has no e-mail or Facebook account. Chances are that you thought for a while and finally able to name mostly elderly person or frankly a freak. Now, think of how many places (not parks, of course) that has no Wi-Fi. A little tricky, right?

Well the fact that you are reading this is actually testament enough as to how people are dependent on the Internet.

As a Real Estate Sales Person , it is important to view this as an opportunity to connect with potential prospective clients – read – people who want to sell their houses. Being visible online alone expands your reach from the people in your locality to the millions of people surfing, e-mailing and updating every second.

Being searchable makes you trustworthy

Picture this scene: a person calls you and tells you that you have won a prize in a random raffle. You have never heard of the organization or the person who called you. What do you do? Chances are that you visit Google search and check the person and organization is the only way how you would most likely respond to the situation. When you see that they have a website and the person who called you has a neatly set-up page, don’t you find it easier to trust them? If you didn’t find any information about them online, would you (like most people) think that it was a scam? Do you see the point here? When you have properly-managed pages online, people will not only see you as reputable but also get the impression that you want them to get. As a Real Estate Sales Person, surely that is key into getting trust of your clients.

Sell yourself to more people at once

An effective online presence allows you to ‘sell’ yourself to people at the same time. While face-to-face meetings are important in closing deals, your online profile presence can help you to establish a good impression on your potential clients – at no cost or effort on your part. Your page can be visited by hundreds of people at once, and you can get them to know you the way you want them to know you without even you being involved. Another key benefit of online presence is the ability to reach audience beyond your physical boundaries. Being based in New Zealand will no longer limit you to reach of potential home owners from US, China or Europe.

If you still think that being online is just a bandwagon effect, think again. It’s already a necessity.